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20 February 2006 @ 03:41 pm
I've been geotagging my flickr photos. To do this you tag the photo "geotagged" and also tag its latitude and longitude, eg "geo:lat=63.917", "geo:lon=-22.667".

(Haven't done the housebuilding ones yet, try Iceland and Australia. I've also been adding a link to geobloggers (currently down) on each photo so it'll show up on the map there.)

It had looked like a nice way of using tags to give more info, but hadn't thought any more about it. So, this article has given me food for thought.

You can also see tripletags in action here. The photos has been tagged with RGB and HSV average and median values. In fact, any photo in the colorfields group automatically gets tagged. Though they don't get tagged "colortagged", which would be nice to see.

I've also discovered Google Base through it (which now allows geotagging). I don't think I'd heard of Google Base before. I can't see it on the list of Google features. It doesn't appear to have a much in it yet - searching for "Events and activities" gave me zero results.

ETA: Sorry, "Events and activities" does has results, but there's no results in Ireland and the interface is misleading.
Also, I wish there was a standard way of searching for info about tags, so somebody who didn't know what geotagged meant could search for, eg, geotaggedinfo. I want to know what ContextWatcher is supposed to mean, but all google is giving me is tagged photos!

ETA2: Ha! http://flickr.com/photos/diamondjoe/68892512/

YAE: Another example, lenstagged, and discussion about lack of standardisation: http://kwc.org/blog/archives/2005/2005-05-06.untologies_and_my_first_flickr_groupforming_experience.html
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