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02 February 2006 @ 06:07 pm
Last call for intl ring - The Bridegroom - short stories by Ha Jin  
The Bridegroom is on its last reader. If no one joins it'll have to come home and it hasn't seen enough of the world yet!

12 short stories, set in China as it moves away from communism, by Ha Jin, the author of Waiting.

From Amazon.co.uk:

In The Bridegroom, a vibrant collection of 12 stories, Ha Jin returns to Muji City, post-Cultural Revolution, where the confusions and excitements of transitions great and small spark off unpredictable consequences. These upheavals are seen through the toings and froings of everyday men and women, arrested on trumped-up charges, applying for larger apartments, waiting to see an old flame, trying to lure a husband and daughter to New York. Sharp comeuppances and the little cruelties on which the world turns--folks made fools of by fate or by other folk--emerge from writing that is deceptively unadorned, unsentimental, as forthright as his wonderfully delineated characters. What marks out these stories is Ha Jin's quiet, sly humour and an unemphatic, but compassionate sense of the absurd.

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