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22 December 2005 @ 11:09 pm
Bookmarks and calligrammes  

More art by the inch.


A photo on Flickr A bookmark made by cutting a strip off the gouache wash for the flower and writing "read" randomly on it. I was able to write on this without much problem, but had great difficulty on another scrap, probably because the other bit of paint wasn't as dilute. Further experimentation required.

A photo on Flickr Another bookmark. I wrote "book" with two pencils taped together, coloured the letters in, outlined with a gold gel pen, then cut them out and stuck them to black card. I cut them out because the letters were badly spaced, but I really like the effect the black background gives.


A calligramme is a picture made of words.

A photo on Flickr A 4"x4" heart/love calligramme.

A photo on Flickr A 4"x4" cat calligramme. Mostly made of "miaow", with whiskers made of "whisker". I used a small cat stamp in the corner.

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