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01 November 2005 @ 01:26 pm
So, I went to Fibbers on Friday, but it didn't make me feel old. Perhaps it was the company I was keeping!

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Went to see Kid Icarus play in the Sugar Club on Saturday. They were very good, especially when Mark's guitar worked.

It was a fancy dress gig, with the band as zombies. My favourite costumes in the audience were a guy from Evil Dead with a chainsaw arm and a rifle on his back, made by himself; and an identity card - the guy had a rectangle of cardboard with space for his head where the photo would go. I didn't see him close up, so I don't know if it was a specific id card, like a student card or something. My favourite not-quite-a-costume was Medusa. She had rubber snakes in her hair, but was otherwise in civvies.

I didn't dress up. When challenged on this, I claimed to be a serial killer - I looked just like everybody else. I nicked that line from a comment in my friends list, so thank you to whoever that was.

On Sunday, we met two friends and their nearly three year old daughter C. We played make-him-say and monster leaf and putting sylvester to bed.

And on Monday it was Gaelcon, for the first time in many years. So kshandr and I can now recognise each other again after a long hiatus. We weren't there for very long. Played a game of vampire, caught up with caturah and watched a hassled natural20 rush around the place.

Good luck to everyone doing nanowrimo!
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