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25 October 2011 @ 02:23 am
Song of Ice and Fire music meme  
(via tumblr)



WOLF:  Sea Wolf - Folk Underground
LION: In My Mind (feat Brian Viglione) - Amanda Palmer
DRAGON: Firedance - Bill Whelan, Riverdance (replaced dragon with fire)
ROSE: La Vie En Rose - Africando
SUN: Reel Around the Sun - Bill Whelan, Riverdance
WINTER: Winter Blue - Heather Nova
GROW(ING): Where The Wild Roses Grow - Nick Cave, Kylie Minouge
BLOOD: In the Blood - Annihilator
FAMILY: Runs in the Family - Amanda Palmer
STORM: Storm 3000 - Leftism

I should probably do a different one for Lion: Gold Day - Sparklehorse.

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