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30 December 2009 @ 08:12 pm
non resolutions  
I don't think I'll do proper resolutions this year, but there are some things I want to achieve:

  1. get driving licence - I've applied for the test, but it won't be for a while yet. Haven't done much practise of late. Must get back to it now that the roads are less icy.
  2. make house more homely. Two most important things there are probably get some curtains up and tidy up a bit. The place is a mess. We'd also like to get the rest of the kitchen floor done. All tiling in the house is done, but non-tiled floors are just sealed concrete. Rest of kitchen floor will be laminate. Trying to get samples, but some places are closed over Christmas/New Year. I put up robe hooks on bathroom doors today, initially under nuteile's supervision, as I hadn't used a drill before. Pretty happy about that.
  3. I need to get fitter. Maybe I'll try the walk to Rivendell again. I have a shiny new pedometer (thanks for sending it silja), so I'll start using that on new years day. If I can find it. I'm losing everything. See above re tidying up.
  4. Do more crafting. I've no specific goals around that.

My job will finish in the first half of the year. Possibly after my first day back after the holidays :-) So finding another should be on the list, but we want to move to Kilkenny, so I don't really want one in Dublin. And I can't legally commute from Kilkenny till I have the licence. So I'm putting off thinking about it. Though I do have two contacts to chase up. Must update CV again.

I'm sure there's other things, but they slip my mind.

I like the idea of 101 in 1001, but my rate of follow through makes it rather unlikely. I might think of a list all the same.
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SirRoysirroy on December 31st, 2009 12:16 pm (UTC)
What's the wait like for driving test? Ali is hoping to do hers this year too, for much the same reason as you.

Good luck with the job. How's your dictaphone typing?
a very caring potato: drivingmollydot on December 31st, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
A friend who applied in June is due one around now. He's actually been scheduled twice, but they've cancelled due to weather.
I'm expecting to get a date soon. I applied end Sept/beg Oct. Shortly before leaving our flat.

Yeah, it's not too bad relying on lifts/accompanying driver when I'm just here weekends & holidays, but if I had a job here, it could be half an hour out of nuteile's way or something, and that's just not practical.

Not too bad. Did some transcribing as part of this job. You got an opening?