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18 May 2009 @ 06:04 pm
recipe: vaguely Japanese scrambled eggs  
Recipe made up last night when I realised I didn't have enough eggs to make scrambled eggs on toast for two, as I had thought of doing.

the best bits of a half peeled onion that has been drying in the fridge, chopped
frozen peas, cooked. A cup?
two eggs, beaten
butter for frying
soy sauce
pinch of sugar

Fry the onion in plenty of butter.
Add the soy sauce and sugar to the egg and mix. Add to the onion and start scrambling. Don't turn the heat down so much that it just sits there being liquid, like I did :-)
Add the peas and continue scrambling till done.
Serve in small bowls. I garnished with two tomato quarters each for colour.

Obviously, this is too small for two people. I cooked soba noodles (where I did the opposite, leaving the heat too high, so it boiled over and I had to add more water); put a packet of instant miso soup into each of two bowls; split a portion or so of noodles between both; filled with hot water; mixed; and put some spare peas in the middle.

I didn't like the soup in the end. Nuteile did, though he added more soup mix to it.

I'd cooked too many peas and noodles. I turned the rest into a lunchbox meal for nuteile. The peas fit perfectly into the removable dish part of my bento box; the soba fit perfectly into the rest of that layer. Fate! The last packet of soup mix could squeeze into the lid (there's space for chopsticks and a serviette). Hot water and a bowl from work & he was able to make up noodle soup in the office.

Bottom layer was rather random. Chocolate cake cut to fit; a couple of Japanese sweets; raw carrot and santini tomatoes (grape sized ones).
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