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23 April 2009 @ 12:30 pm
my holiday twittering  

11:33 Left a book called "Dunedin" in a phone box outside Dunedin info centre, The Lynx Hunters in the foyer of Otago Museum #bookcrossing #

11:46 Learning that about 3/4 of all animal species are arthropods (1 million/1.3 million) and that most of them are insects (925,000 species) #

13:08 Driving along the coast road of the Otago Peninsula. Lovely calm blue water. #

13:11 If you're near Dunedin & like butterflies, the artificial rainforest & live butterfly exhibition is well worth visiting. Not for the phobic! #

14:26 Shockingly slow service in the cafe in the Albatross centre. #

15:48 Albatross! 2 choc ices, please. I haven't got any choc ices, I just have this albatross. Saw 3 chicks. Very fluffy in theory, but too far2C #

17:49 Missed the penguins. Stupid migraines. Even when not mine Driving back the hilly route. Lovely views. Sheep dotted like pimples across hills #

19:53 More tasty Japanese food:yakitori & other grilled skewers in Izakaya Yuki. Why no Japanese restaurant in Dublin with great skewer selection? #

20:17 Left Wrong About Japan and yet another Mills & Boon (In Bed With the Boss, again) outside Minami on Stuart St, Dunedin #bookcrossing #

20:57 Bye bye Dunedin. Would have liked to stay longer. Don't know where we'll stop tonight. #

21:11 Orion has fallen over! Yes, this is the first time this trip I've managed to recognise a constellation. #

21:20 Woo... spooky fog. No more star gazing for me! #

22:01 Weird. Fogged road (it keeps coming and going) yet, looking to the side, I had a great view of stars. Even saw a shooting star! #

22:28 Leaving Clinton, heading for Gore. Coincidence? #

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holmesfanholmesfan on April 23rd, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)
I can assure you that Clinton and Gore were there long before those turkeys were gobbling in the US.