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18 April 2009 @ 12:30 pm
my holiday twittering (convention, day 2 (officially))  

13:20 This morning was a release walk led by Rarsberry. Ran out of books during it, but got a good few of the reverse scavenger hunt done. #

13:22 Had some delicious lunch from a variety of stalls in the Arts Centre, and was mightily tempted by hand spun, hand dyed yarn. Maybe tomorrow. #

13:34 Heading back now for talks, film screening, etc. Oh, and I found a geocache with h-j-k! #

13:39 There is a world expert on rabbit legs. He knows all sorts of things, like how many legs rabbits have :-) At a talk about Janet Frame. #

17:34 RT @urchinette: Don't forget, the marriage equality rally is at the Central Bank at 2 on Sunday! #

19:40 The quiz is about to start. We all have funny headgear, given out randomly to decide who is on what team. #

22:42 Third last in the quiz! Woo! Zuchini was on the winning team. #

22:45 I have 15 more books in my arms. But they are all for release. #

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Oops - k-j-h, not h-j-k.