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23 March 2009 @ 12:50 pm
Be Easy Scarf  
Planned pattern for the scarf I'm making to go with the Be Easy beanie from Get Your Crochet On: Hip Hats and Cool Caps by Afya Ibomu.

American terms, cos I learnt from Happy Hooker & hat is American.

1cl = 2dc

Chain enough stitches to get the scarf an appropriate length in colour A
Row 1: Chain 3, dc to end
Row 2: Join colour B, repeat row 1
Row 3: Join colour C, repeat row 1. join colour D

Row 4: Chain 2, hdc to end
Row 5: Join colour A, repeat row 4.
Row 6: Join colour B, repeat row 4. Join colour C.

Row 7: Chain 3, chain 1, *(skip next hdc, 2dc into next stitch, chain 1), repeat from * to end, 1 or 2 dc (use your judgement) (half as many clusters as stitches in previous row) Join colour D
Row 8: Chain 3, dc in next ch-1 sp, *(chain 1, skip next cl, cl into ch-1 space), repeat from * to end.
Row 9: Join colour A. Repeat row 8.
Row 10: Join colour B. Repeat row 8.
Row 11: Join colour C. Repeat row 8.

Row 12: Join colour D. Chain 2, hdc into each dc (skipping chains). (same number of stitches as rows 1-6, half as many clusters as rows 7-11)
Row 13: Join colour A. Repeat row 4.
Row 14: Join colour B. Repeat row 4.

Row 15: Join colour C. Repeat row 1.
Row 16: Join colour D. Repeat row 1.
Row 17: Join colour A. Repeat row 1.

Not sure about beginning and end of rows 7-11. Fudge it :-)

Summary: 3 rows of dc, 3 rows of hdc, 5 rows of clusters, 3 rows of hdc, 3 rows of dc, with a colour stripe pattern of ABCD.

Hopefully this with give me:
1. A similar stitch pattern to the hat (dcs, clusters, hdcs)
2. Be a decent width for a scarf
3. Let me start and end with A (a dark colour, for less dirt showing), while keeping the same colour pattern as the hat (though the letters have been shifted by one - D on my hat (dark blue) is A on the scarf, but I added extra rows to hat, so it still ends on the dark blue)
4. Use up the excess wool I bought (hat pattern says way more than needed), but not require more than I have.

Same yarn as previous entry.
Hat: A=grey (top of hat, bottom in pattern), B=dull blue, C=cream, D=dark blue (bottom row in my hat due to added rows)
Scarf: A=dark blue (outside edges), B=grey, C=dull blue (more of this in the clusters), D=cream
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