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06 February 2009 @ 02:36 am
my twittering (snow, Japanese, short stories, bus accident, Amanda Palmer)  

09:02 Dear #uksnow, please don't stay around to interfere with my flight next week. #

11:48 Eek! My Japanese has got very, very bad (was just very bad). How much can I relearn in a week? #

11:51 Reading extracts of Nalo Hopkinson's short stories: nalohopkinson.com/writing/fiction/shortfiction A Habit of Waste one to remember. #

12:01 Top ripped off bus on Amiens St. No one on top deck or injured. Photos: short.ie/87uezj Report: short.ie/cirmay Driver in shok #

16:24 I don't suppose anyone has spare ticket(s) to Amanda Palmer in Dublin? #

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