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08 January 2009 @ 11:32 pm
my twittering (Irish Java Technology Conference, pub review, zuchini's last day)  

09:47 Dammit. In a hurry & no change for the bus. #

11:00 Do I want to learn about a business rules engine, or why data grids are hot? #

11:29 Talking to Antony Reynolds (the speaker) was useful. Data grids it is. #

11:32 After lunch, I think I'll go for SOA architecture. I'm already sold on agile. #ijtc #

11:34 Though I think there's something about this room that's bringing on coughing fits, so might not stay, depending on cough sweet effecicacy. #

12:34 #ijtc "The Grid Takes Over the World"? Time for me to start quoting Sarah Connor again? #

12:44 Data grid talk at #ijtc was informative. #

13:17 Some pubs and restaurants stick up clippings of positive newspaper reviews. I'm in Kennedy's, sitting beside a _negative_ review. Odd. #

18:46 Missed last talk of #ijtc. Sounded interesting, but brain full. But now I can spend a little extra time with sister before she leaves for NZ #

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