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10 December 2008 @ 11:32 pm
my twittering (Whedon interview, bacon update, O_o, drinks on Fri reminder, Torchwood)  

23:49 Joss Whedon interview on CrochetMe: tinyurl.com/5ejjn7 #

09:46 Bacon update from a small company: www.ummera.com/wordpress/?p=188 #

11:42 Ooo.., I shouldn't have gone to the gym. Feel weird. Called it off after warm up. #

21:14 Birthday drinks in the Church on Jervis St on Friday. I'll be there all evening. #

21:36 twitpic.com/rqdw - Lovely possum/merino/silk yarn from zuchini. #

22:57 Random Shoes was a lovely episode, with none of the little thing that normally annoy me in Torchwood. #

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