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07 December 2008 @ 11:31 pm
my twittering (house, mobile broadband, pigs, hens & dogs, whine, gender-neutral-he foolishness)  

12:25 Going to look at more doors. Bringing sample handles. Hope to make actual decision on both today. #

15:57 Yay! Except for one door that's proving awkward, door & handle decisions are made! 4 panel, oak downstairs, painted upstairs, chrome handles #

16:02 twitpic.com/qxte - Sample downstairs door (architrave doesn't fit, for illustration only) #

16:17 twitpic.com/qxxh - Where one mirror will go #

16:23 twitpic.com/qxz1 - And where another mirror will go. #

3G dongle:

12:21 3G connection failed on 'eile's PC too. Seems after setup, pppd daemon starts on boot, but fails. Waited for ... #

12:24 ... retries to fail, then was able to use pon to make working connection. #ubuntu #

16:32 Yes! 3 3G dongle connects in new house! Looking slow though :( Upstairs room, back to hill, at window. Hmmm... very slow. #

16:38 Oh oh. Ping time for google 2-8 seconds. Ok, dropped down to 300-700ms. Not getting a webpage up though. #

17:57 Conclusion: speed very erratic. Ok for simple pages, small graphics. Gmail unusable. So long since I've used dial up, dunno how it compares #

23:05 L:Dublin: 3G still not working on my computer. Working slowly on nuteile's. Have article re linux mobile broadband. Can try some of that. #


09:23 Oh, I forgot it was only Irish pig that's being recalled. So our selection of chorizo is fine. Tho I also forgot it was pork :-) #

11:51 twitpic.com/qwny - Free range hens :-) Retirement home hens, in fact. Still producing nice eggs though. #

16:05 I'm scared of dogs, but puppies confuse me. Cute/scary? Scary/cute? #

18:17 on the N9, on the way back to Dublin. Had hoped to bring back Buffy dvds, but can't find. Want to listen to commentary, as deprived of BSG. #

18:48 Argh. Some of the answers to the last question in community.livejournal.com/linguaphiles/4186279.html are infuriating me. #

23:09 Gender neutral he: When a feminist wakes up in the morning and prepares for his day, shaving his beard or pulling on his tights, ... #

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