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05 December 2008 @ 06:28 pm
my twittering (I live in a bloody gated community)  

20:46 in the Front Lounge, looking at Anne Rigney's paintings. #

00:33 When can I get my brain wired directly to the internet? #

09:58 Why doesn't the mobile view of twitter let you see your followers? #

14:40 Well, I was annoyed enough that they hadn't got the building door working so that I could buzz people in, but now they've put a lock on ... #

14:42 ... the gate of the complex, so no one can even get as far as the doorbell. And the gate requires a key. Not a code that you can tell, a KEY #

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Is LoudTwitter back or is it just this one? Who knows...

I can't believe it took me till this afternoon to realise I'm in a gated place. I knew there were gates, but they were open when we moved in in October, and visitors could park in the courtyard. The car gate was locked a week or two ago, but the pedestrian gate was still usable by anyone. But they put the lock on today. That means any visitors need to have a mobile. I know most people do, but not everyone, and not always on them and powered up either. Grr.
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