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27 September 2008 @ 11:31 pm
my twittering  
  • 13:50 Will only have have limited computer usage from now for the next week or three. #
  • 20:03 At the Amanda Palmer gig. First up is someone with a cello. Someone Keating? Me like. #
  • 20:21 Zoe Keating is her name. Just bought a CD by asking "Does yer one who's playing now have a CD?" Also bought Amanda Palmer's. #
  • 20:54 Jason Webley taught up a cheap way to get wasted. Stand up, point your finger in the air, focus on it, and turn around 12 times. Whee! #
  • 21:01 There's a hair straightener in the ladies! €2 a go, or something. #
  • 22:06 I Google You (written by Neil Gaiman) followed by Coin Operated Boy. I'm happy :-) #
  • 22:36 Living On A Prayer sounds better with cello. Interuptions to explain inconsistencies in the lyrics add... interest. #
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