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read more comics

I added "read more comics" to my 43 things. Thought I'd reproduce the entry with recent and upcoming reads here.

Most recent reads:
Heroes, Vol 1
Runaways Vol 1

Within the last couple of months:
Buffy Season 8 Vol 1 & 2
Death Note Vol 1 (noticing a trend here with the Vol 1s?)
Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 1
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (not by Neil Gaiman :-) )

Borrowed to read:
Dark Knight Returns – I read this years ago, and want to re-read

Will buy from a friend soon:
A manga version of Hamlet
Something by Will Eisner
Jar of Fools

Most looking forward to reading:
Runaways Vol 2


BTW, puritybrown, would it be ok if we waited till October for comic handover? We'll be moving out of here (into a smaller place in Dublin), so I'd like not to add to the number of things to move.
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