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30 July 2008 @ 11:07 pm
my twittering (desk organisation and Song of Ice & Fire)  
  • 17:52 How do you keep your desk organised? I've so much crap on it, including many notes on scraps of paper that I would file under "misc". #
  • 21:32 Damn George R R Martin and his complex characters. A hero is fighting a nasty man, and I don't know who to cheer for. #

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(Deleted comment)
a very caring potatomollydot on August 1st, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
I somehow feel that wouldn't work for me, but I can't put my finger on why. Perhaps a small file - something more flexible and arrangeable.
(Deleted comment)
a very caring potatomollydot on August 2nd, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)
More shopping. Yay! :-)
lizmopuddylizmopuddy on July 31st, 2008 08:30 am (UTC)
A notebook is the best idea, but failing that (I'm a divil for post-its) you know those purty purple boxes......
a very caring potato: prettymollydot on August 1st, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
That's a pretty good idea!
unavunav on July 31st, 2008 09:09 am (UTC)
If it's a number or an email address it goes in the contacts list. Appointments go in the calendar. Project information goes into the project file on basecamp.

For stuff on the go, I use a moleskin diary with a week on one page and plain ruled on the opposite page.

Once a week do a clear-up where you transfer all those bits of info to where they should be.

I am relentless.
a very caring potatomollydot on August 1st, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
Is that just work, or home as well? Perhaps I should create project files for various things.

Relentless is what I am missing. I can start organisational things, but I rarely follow through.
meehaneomeehaneo on July 31st, 2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
I use a notebook - a Moleskin. The reason I use it was I used to use the cheap books from the stationery cupboard, but I kept losing them, or forgetting them.

The Moleskin is very nice to write on, nice to hold and looks good. It is also relatively expensive for a notebook, so I seem to pay it more attention! And haven't misplaced it yet. I have left it down a few times and people have handed it to me saying "we know this is yours!"
a very caring potato: flying spaghetti monstermollydot on August 1st, 2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
I think you need to join a cult to get a moleskin. It doesn't seem to be possible to just buy one and use it.