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12 December 2004 @ 01:08 pm
more bookcrossing stats  
Where my books go

other bookcrossers 54
wild released 30 (one wild catch)
non-bookcrossers 6
(total 90)

still with me:
to be read 30 (including 2 tbr by Lovely Man)
available 13
reserved 7
permanent collection (available for loan) 5
(total 55)

other bookcrossers includes people who joined when I gave them a book
non-bookcrossers - I tame-released to someone who didn't join

To avoid the league table effect, I have added all the tame releases to other bookcrossers into one number. But if you really want to see the breakdown, look at the page's source, I've put it in a comment.

[Edit: Doh! Comments are stripped out. Ask me and I'll post the breakdown]