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05 October 2006 @ 09:39 am
Oh noes! They stole our interbets!!!
The bastards!

Perhaps it's for the best. I might actually get some stuff done (though not journalling BC books - I shouldn't have taken that pile of 10 books home after all). I've done a trial run of a piece for the art meme, which likely wouldn't have happened if internet addiction had been a possibility.

Speaking of art, I've come across another art challenge, artoberfest2006. It's the same idea as artbytheinch, but has a smaller goal and is in October, rather than November, so Nanowrimo people can do it too. Yeah, it's already started, but seeing as I'm unlikely to make the suggested goal amount anyway (5,000 sq inches), no matter. So, anyone want to join me? I still have to pick a goal. Perhaps I should do 5,000 cm2 to keep davidg666 happy :-)

Assuming I get them done in October, I'm counting pieces from the art meme. The first five comments are in, but the more inspiration the better, so keep commenting! I had already thought about doing some very small art (about 3cm each side), so I'll probably do some of that, even though it won't get the numbers up much. And if I do more cards, they'll count too.
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