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12 September 2006 @ 01:08 am
housebuilding, holidays and cards  
I spent some time playing with flickr and fd's flickr toys in the past week. Here's some results:

Building site mosaic
Originally uploaded by mollydot.
Here's a mosaic of building site shots, representative of ones I had up at the time. Loads more to come. And of course, since uploading those, which didn't get me close to caught up, Lovely Man has taken more. The photos uploaded are as far as the pouring of the ground floor, but the first floor has also been poured. They'll be starting on the first floor walls soon.

Someone was asking about the tractor. It's not a Massey Ferguson, it's a John Deere. It's got big, yellow wheels. That's why I like it. The colour balance wasn't set right when this was taken, unfortunately :-(

Plumbing motivational poster
Originally uploaded by mollydot.
Plumbing: It's what makes things work. I much prefer this photo with the dark border. The original is here. It's a manifold, used to supply hot water to and control the underfoor heating.

holiday mosaic
Originally uploaded by mollydot.
Some holiday shots from our first trip to Australia, last trip to Spain and only trip to Iceland.

They're all in my holiday set .

fractured waterfall
Originally uploaded by mollydot.
Fractured waterfall: A nice effect (hockneyized) from the fd flickr toys. This is a gorgeous waterfall in Iceland, Godafoss.

The original photo is here. When Iceland converted to Christianity in 1000AD, they threw the old gods over this waterfall. They don't do things by halves.

I'm soooo behind uploading pictures to Flickr. These are some cards I made and sent last year. Or early January, in some cases. I've just bought a load of blanks and hope to start earlier this year.

See all my uploaded art/craft. Still more of that to upload too. I have art by the inch stuff from last November not uploaded yet.