a very caring potato (mollydot) wrote,
a very caring potato

Last night I met a group of deranged internet pervets and I wasn't axe murdered! Hurrah! I met *takes deep breath* thesme_01, fragglechick, hellison, lazy_hoor, tiquetoque, pheyonagh, one lj-less person and two whose lj names I didn't catch/couldn't remember. And not an axe murderer among them! At least, not one on active duty anyway.

It is possible, however, that my previously wholesome and pure persona has been corrupted. If this lj turns into a source of Hoff/Shatner slash haiku, you know who to blame.

I would like to state for the record that thesme_01 is nothing like her lj. She is, in fact, perfectly sane, and doesn't talk about rude things at all. Nor does she flobble. Those pictures were faked.
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