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29 August 2006 @ 04:23 pm
Actually, that article I was talking about yesterday is in the Indo, not the Times. You can read it here. You'll need to register (free). Or you can use a registration from bugmenot.

The homeopathic cure of romanticism may be the only cure for postmodernism.
Why homeopathic? Do romanticism and postmodernism have the same "symptoms"? Or is it that romanticism has already happened, therefore returning to it is necessarily postmodern? Or did the authors just think it sounded good?

I'm skimming Introducing Postmodernism. The section on art never seems to get to postmodern art. Everything mentioned is "really" modernism. Maybe they're saying Andy Warhol is postmodern, I'm not sure. I suppose with the culture of celebrity thing, he himself is po mo. But is his art? I know some of you know all about this stuff. Somebody help!