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30 May 2006 @ 11:41 pm
le weekend  
Had a good weekend. Called over to niallm, radegund and the Oyster on Friday and we drew purple bikes (and I thought of glitzfrau) and purple stars and blue lorries and yellow stars. He's more grown up and saying more every time we see him.

Took Saturday fairly handy. During the day I did some stuff around the house and waged war on the bindweed. I'm picking my battles - I'm leaving the dandelions alone. There's some other stuff that's easy to pull up, so after pulling up a couple I'm leaving the rest in case they're not actually weeds.

Saturday evening was caturah's birthday celebrations which I enjoyed muchly, despite a bad headache making me think I should be staying at home. The evening started with dinner in Alilang with Lovely Man, caturah's lovely man and her dad, cartographer and horsemeow, ragnvaeig, graylion, grutok and wyvernfriend (happy birthday!), gerrowadat and gwennie, which was yummy as always. I had beef bi bim bop again because I love it. And not just for the name.

Then onto the Dragon which has an absolutely gorgeous cocktail called a cookie monster. Om nyom nyom. I wasn't going to have one but sucumbed by the end of the night. More people there. Um... can't remember lj names, except for gothwalk. Also R, a college friend of mine who works with caturah. I keep forgetting they work together, so thought it was complete coincidence that he was in the pub. Had a good chat with him & caught up with each other - I hadn't realised it was January since we'd last met. Am useless at making arrangements. Not too long until the next meeting though - we arranged to go to the cinema on Sunday.

So, Sunday was X-Men. But first, we went for a walk in Glendalough. A while back we did a 3-4 hour walk with some much fitter friends (well, fitter than me, Lovely Man could have gone much faster). This time we just did the easy bit at the beginning, an hour there & back. Perfectly timed; we had just enough time to drive to Dundrum to meet R & J. X-Men was ok. I expected some other stuff to happen, due to the very small amount of X-Men comic reading I've done - just the first book of 1602, so I thought the Angel was going to fall for Jean. This time it was Lovely Man's turn to feel unwell, so at dinner after the film, J introduced us to the powers of Alka Seltzer. I went into a local chemist on Monday to get a supply. It was like going back in time. All dark, with none of your new fangled shiny display units. Friendly chemist.
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a very caring potato: what would macguyver do?mollydot on May 31st, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)
Ooo, must try that.

Talking of animal life, there were too many doggies in Glendalough. Bloody sunny Sundays :-)

I hope that next week contains less poo. Don't answer freecycle ads! Did you see the offer of shits, slacks, jackets?
(Deleted comment)
a very caring potato: topiary darthmollydot on May 31st, 2006 10:53 am (UTC)
Me too, I scan and delete. But I've spread the word round here & one of my collegues forwarded that mail around.

I was thinking the same about gardening.

Here was me thinking I wasn't going to get much use out of a gardening icon and I've used it twice already. I only got it yesterday (along with the macgyver one above & a handful of others). Must do a Star Wars post now :-)

Yes, I icon obesses a little. Why do you ask?