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I've had a pretty good day so far. Went out to lunch with nuteile, to a "pop-up" restaurant, that's only open Sundays (it's a cafe four other days of the week). Forgot it was vegetarian. My main was tasty, as were many of the bits with it—she gave us a tiny bit of another main to try too, plus filled the plate with salads. Then we walked around a garden in the same place—The Watergarden in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.

Lovely garden. Currently there's a labyrinth made with loose bricks, mostly one brick high, with some leafy branches and stems stuck in, and a seashell or two. I reckon if anyone wants to try walking meditation in a small garden, a similar single-path labyrinth would be worth building.

There's lovely poppies at the moment, and bamboo, and lots of things I didn't recognise, plus a herb/vegetable garden. I imagine I'll be going back.

Look! I posted!
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There's a new social network, still in beta, called Ello. I have invitations. Want one?

ETA: if you don't want to give me an email address (this is a public post), I can paste the code into a comment.
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In case it appears that I've been convinced by the last post that there are as many female characters as male in video games, here's a handful of playable men/males from games mentioned in the previous post:

MaleShep; MaleExile; Lloyd Bannings; System Shock player; Phoenix Wright; Phantasy Star Zero male player; Ace, Trey, Eight, Nine, Jack, King, Machina Kunigiri (7/14); Angrim, Badrach, Belenus, Gandar, Grey, Janus, Jun, Kashell, Lawfer, Llewelyn, Lucian, Suo (12/24); Gage Blackwood; Dante; Welkin Gunther; 10/14 in FF6; Ken, Zangief, Ryu, Guile, Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim; Sonic; Solid Snake.

That's 47 *playable* male characters, from just some of the games mentioned in the previous post
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Great Women in Games

(Cheating - going for a post that doesn't requiring much writing per se :-) )

I've been directed on twitter to a hashtag of "great women in video games". But looking at a hashtag isn't the best of way getting a good grasp of something. So I'm compiling some here. This is in no way complete. Feel free to comment with more. Also great is subjective, so feel free to argue in the comments, or add ones that you don't think are great.

I hope these are playable characters, but I don't know most of the games, so can't say. Please comment if you know! Or if I've included a game creator :-)

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I believe I have all the top tweets at the time I looked, and some of non-top. Might come back to add more.
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So depressed and angry about the woman in Galway being left without an abortion when it probably would have saved her life.
I'll add links tomorrow for those who don't know what I'm talking about ,but it'll be front pages of the Irish Times and Indo.
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cajun chicken pasta salad out of the fridge

I'm not at all confident at throwing together stuff from the fridge, so when it works, I should record it.

Cajun chicken pieces from a packet, cold penne pasta, sweetcorn, peas (I cooked these just before eating, and everything else cooled them down enough), a chopped tomato. I would have put in some bell pepper if we'd had one.

Even simpler, for lunch I had warm pasta with pesto and a chopped tomato. Guess where the cold pasta came from :-)
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