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I've taken to locking comments on some old entries due to spam. Workaround if you want to comment on a locked one: comment on another entry, including a link to the one you actually want to comment on.

I'm mostly on twitter these days:

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If you don't have an address for me, use the livejournal one. I have a gmail address with the same user name, but I don't check it often, so better off using the other. Or leave a comment.

I don't have a hotmail address, that's someone else. I didn't realise there was another mollydot when I chose the name.

I use my friendslist primarily as a reading list, so tend to add and drop based on time constraints. No need to ask permission to friend me.

Some of my flickr photos:

I go through a maze of links every time I try to syndicate, so here's the link:
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